March 19, 2014


This isn't really Elvis ice cream. This is just roasted banana ice cream with a peanut butter swirl. Real Elvis ice cream would have bacon crumbles on it, I think. (Or be topped with a strip of chocolate-dipped bacon!) But I can't help but think of the King whenever I combine the two flavors, which is often, because they're meant for each other.

It was near impossible to find a banana ice cream recipe that was custard-based (had eggs in it). Banana has recently become a substitute for fat in dessert recipes, which is fine, but I was disappointed to find few recipes that combined the natural lusciousness of banana with the fatty, full-cream-and-egg-yolk righteousness of traditional ice cream. So... I kind of Frankenstein-ed it. MacGyver-ed it. I pulled a vanilla bean ice cream recipe from my Williams-Sonoma book, and referenced the last time I made a banana ice cream for roasting/caramelizing instructions (excluding the cinnamon, because I don't think Elvis would've approved). If I was making this for anyone other than Micah and myself, I probably would've thinned the peanut butter out before swirling it in, but I couldn't be bothered. I couldn't even be bothered to wait to use the kitchen to churn it. I think Elvis would've approved.