April 22, 2014


Above: My inner ham comes out with my future sisters-in-law.

My parents are moving to Michigan in a few weeks. One of the things they wanted to do before they left was finally meet Micah's family (who all live in Oklahoma and north Texas). So last Friday, they generously flew us out to Tulsa for a whirlwind weekend of brunch-eating, Easter-celebrating, and family-introducing.

It was... amazing. I can't help but smile as I remember it. We rented a private room at Lucky's (I wanted to steal that L so bad), and invited Micah's dad and his wife, all three of Micah's sisters, plus his only nephew, Micah's mom, and her parents. If my three brothers hadn't all been living their lives in different states all over the north, they've would've been there too. It's always surreal when two of your social worlds collide, and this was no exception. That slightly-too-small room was so full of love and laughter and overlapping stories of the two of us as children... sigh. I didn't want it to end. But I was so grateful that it happened it all.

Like I said, I've got three younger brothers. I remember when I first found out that Micah had three younger sisters – it just seemed like a good omen, a(nother) check in my mental "pros for dating this cute new guy" column. I've always said that, growing up, I would've eaten any sisters alive (and I stand by that!). But this weekend I realized how I excited I was to one day marry into some sisters – and three of them, at that. I loved talking with each of them, and when we all got together, it was, as you can see above, good times. I kept imagining catching up with them over Thanksgiving or Christmas vacations for years to come, drinking glasses of wine while doing dishes after a big dinner, or sitting on a front porch sipping coffee (what is it with me and beverages?). It made me realize that I'm marrying into his whole family – and made me grateful that his is as welcoming, warm, and good-people-y as it is.