May 12, 2014


Above: our first kiss, the front of our announcement, and a sneak peek portrait. Photos by the amazing and highly-recommended Brett & Jessica Donar. I can't wait to see how they captured the rest of the day. 

One week ago today, Micah and I eloped in the mountains outside of Asheville!

It was magical and transformational and just so absolutely perfect for us. I wore dark green and went barefoot, Micah read from The Princess Bride, and we incorporated shots of moonshine into the ceremony. Kathleen officiated, her husband Jeremy was Micah's best man, and the fantastic Mr. Fox was my man of honor. We stopped mid-ceremony so he could be breastfed.

I'm still buzzing from the enormity and perfection of it all.

I'll be posting more about it over the next few weeks (especially after I get those photos back - oh man), but for now you can check out our wedding blog for a few peeks into our planning process, ceremony, and other details from the day.