June 10, 2014


Above: Younger Boons. My dad found that baby photo while cleaning out the garage - isn't the hand-tinting amazing?! But not quite amazing as her fierceness on the right - taken a few years before they had me.

Today is my mom's birthday! She turns... whatever age she wants to turn. She's earned it. Right now she's up at our cabin in Michigan, probably sipping coffee on the porch and checking on her garden. In honor of her today, I've gathered my favorite mom posts (maybe for her to read while she sips that coffee - or has she already moved on to chardonnay?).

She's an amazing grandmother. And an equally amazing wedding decorator / officiant. She's so thoughtful when it comes to gift-giving (and card-writing). I love her and my dad's story. And of course, I'm just forever grateful that she's my mom, and that she dedicated so much of her time and life to raising four insane people.

Happy birthday, Mom!