September 27, 2014


Ever since I got back from Michigan, I've slipped into a new Saturday morning ritual.

Micah is out the door by 4:30am (to prepare for the Durham Farmers Market), and usually doesn't get back home until about 1:00pm. The mornings have cooled down, too. I don't set an alarm, but I usually wake up at about 8am, make coffee, and enjoy it on the patio while I see what Instagram has been up to during the night. Then, because I'm sitting there staring at all the plants around me, I'm usually compelled to pinch a few weeds, trim off a few dead flowers, etc. I mean, feel compelled to do it during the week (I can see most of the patio from my desk), but usually can't prioritize it – or enjoy it – as much as I want to.

This morning was no different. Some of my annual herbs were done for the season, so I pulled them up; I trimmed back some of the monkey grass border to keep it in check; I swept away the first fallen acorns; I laughed at how far the mint has shot out runners, but did nothing to stop them (can you see that purple vein stretching all the way across the top of the bottom photo?). I think I'll plant my new fig bush in the center-back of our patio square (best seen here), but give it enough room to really bush out and soften that corner. Basically, I'm slowly making this space a Secret Garden / of Eden. One fall Saturday morning at a time.