September 13, 2014


We're coming up on the one-year anniversary of buying our house, and it's made me reflect on how much we have – and haven't – updated / renovated / changed since we moved in. One room we've kind of neglected, is our bedroom. We painted it white... and that's about it. It's always felt clean, but kind of... meh. Even more so once that the master bathroom was re-tiled and re-sinked.

So, change! I've decided to spend the last day of my twenties (more on that soon), painting the entire bedroom... drumroll... BLACK. Sexy, warm-cool, sleep-cave pitch black. I can't wait to see the subtle contrast created by all the dark grey furniture. And then the crisp contrast of walking into a white bathroom.

I'd eventually like to layer in some rugs, plants, wood, etc... but it begins with black walls. It begins with these meh "before" photos (today was overcast with equally "meh" light, but time is of the essence, and these will just make the "afters" look that much better). And it begins, tomorrow.