September 15, 2014


Today is my thirtieth birthday. It's a number that throws many people in to a quarter/third-life crisis, but I'm relieved to jump up to the next decade. Maybe it's an over-achiever, oldest-child thing, but I feel like thirty means I'm finally sitting at the "big kids'" table, like my number finally reflects more of the age I actually feel (which has always been, very old).

The last year has been... full. Full of change and growth, lots of questions, and a few less answers. I bought a house with Micah, celebrated a year working at Braid, got engaged, became the primary breadwinner for our little family, successfully grew my first root vegetables, became a godparent, learned how to tileeloped, and spent a record-breaking six weeks in Michigan.

I bought myself the most adult birthday present ever: a new (larger) mattress set, and all-new bed linens. !!! It hasn't been delivered yet, but it's already improved the quality of my life. I spent yesterday painting our bedroom black in preparation, and deep-cleaning the house. Tonight Micah is taking me out to eat and drink at all my favorite Durham spots. We'll do what we always do: recap the last year, dream about the next one... and then get to work on making it happen.