September 27, 2014


Ever since I got back from Michigan, I've slipped into a new Saturday morning ritual.

Micah is out the door by 4:30am (to prepare for the Durham Farmers Market), and usually doesn't get back home until about 1:00pm. The mornings have cooled down, too. I don't set an alarm, but I usually wake up at about 8am, make coffee, and enjoy it on the patio while I see what Instagram has been up to during the night. Then, because I'm sitting there staring at all the plants around me, I'm usually compelled to pinch a few weeds, trim off a few dead flowers, etc. I mean, feel compelled to do it during the week (I can see most of the patio from my desk), but usually can't prioritize it – or enjoy it – as much as I want to.

This morning was no different. Some of my annual herbs were done for the season, so I pulled them up; I trimmed back some of the monkey grass border to keep it in check; I swept away the first fallen acorns; I laughed at how far the mint has shot out runners, but did nothing to stop them (can you see that purple vein stretching all the way across the top of the bottom photo?). I think I'll plant my new fig bush in the center-back of our patio square (best seen here), but give it enough room to really bush out and soften that corner. Basically, I'm slowly making this space a Secret Garden / of Eden. One fall Saturday morning at a time.

September 21, 2014


I say it every year: the man can give a gift.  This year, Micah got me a "Brown Turkey" fig bush (including two of the tiniest hidden fig babies, already plumping up!), and a huge shimmery chunk of North Carolina quartz-bound mica.

He also wrote me a letter, detailing information on the metaphysical and healing properties of the mica. Even though he may not believe in it personally, I love that he gathered and presented that to me as well, simply because he knows I enjoy and appreciate it (plus I just love his handwriting).

September 18, 2014


This is what the end of summer looks like: roasting (or drying) pan after pan of must-go tomatoes and peppers from our garden and the farmer's market. Stockpiling them in the freezer, next to all the berries and peaches. Leaving the windows open at night (and in the morning, but only until I'm done with my coffee and the sun strengthens). Making the first soups of the season, with the first squash. Planning where the kale, carrots, and autumn greens will go. Cautiously removing sweaters and coats from their off-season storage to air them out.

Fall doesn't officially begin until next week. But sometimes the end of one thing can be just as fun to celebrate as the beginning of the next.

September 15, 2014


Today is my thirtieth birthday. It's a number that throws many people in to a quarter/third-life crisis, but I'm relieved to jump up to the next decade. Maybe it's an over-achiever, oldest-child thing, but I feel like thirty means I'm finally sitting at the "big kids'" table, like my number finally reflects more of the age I actually feel (which has always been, very old).

The last year has been... full. Full of change and growth, lots of questions, and a few less answers. I bought a house with Micah, celebrated a year working at Braid, got engaged, became the primary breadwinner for our little family, successfully grew my first root vegetables, became a godparent, learned how to tileeloped, and spent a record-breaking six weeks in Michigan.

I bought myself the most adult birthday present ever: a new (larger) mattress set, and all-new bed linens. !!! It hasn't been delivered yet, but it's already improved the quality of my life. I spent yesterday painting our bedroom black in preparation, and deep-cleaning the house. Tonight Micah is taking me out to eat and drink at all my favorite Durham spots. We'll do what we always do: recap the last year, dream about the next one... and then get to work on making it happen.

September 13, 2014


We're coming up on the one-year anniversary of buying our house, and it's made me reflect on how much we have – and haven't – updated / renovated / changed since we moved in. One room we've kind of neglected, is our bedroom. We painted it white... and that's about it. It's always felt clean, but kind of... meh. Even more so once that the master bathroom was re-tiled and re-sinked.

So, change! I've decided to spend the last day of my twenties (more on that soon), painting the entire bedroom... drumroll... BLACK. Sexy, warm-cool, sleep-cave pitch black. I can't wait to see the subtle contrast created by all the dark grey furniture. And then the crisp contrast of walking into a white bathroom.

I'd eventually like to layer in some rugs, plants, wood, etc... but it begins with black walls. It begins with these meh "before" photos (today was overcast with equally "meh" light, but time is of the essence, and these will just make the "afters" look that much better). And it begins, tomorrow.

September 10, 2014


My favorite part of staying in Michigan for six weeks, was all the quiet moments. The "off times," when the beach was deserted (more so than usual), when there wasn't anything going on, when I could just truly absorb and enjoy the place, and accompanying mental space, for what it is.