December 19, 2012


I forgot! This past weekend was the ten-year anniversary of me first shaving my head!

I was a senior in high school - my yearbook picture (top left) and senior portraits had already been taken, and prints ordered. I remember thinking how hilarious it would be that I wouldn't "match" any of my pictures as I was handing them out and signing yearbooks. I remember having to wait a month or so once I actually made the decision, because I was in a play and had to look like another girl who also had long, curly, blonde hair (I was Gertrude in Hamlet - what up, high school drama nerds!). I remember wanting one of my friends to cut it off, but my mom begged me to go to a hair salon (and I did). I remember the stylist snipping off my ponytail in one sharp, smooth cut, and then letting me hold said ponytail while she cut down the rest of it. I remember the damp, dead weight of it in my hand, and my utter lack of attachment to it.

Ten years and countless mohawks and impulse dye-jobs later, and I obviously still don't have a lot of attachment to my hair. But man, that doesn't mean I don't love it.  I do love my hair - I guess I just love cutting it off more.

To the next ten years!, be they long or short.