November 11, 2013


Above: A Yee-Haw Industries print that I gave to Micah a few years ago. I won't let him hang it in the kitchen (too country), and he won't let me hang it in the bedroom (too awesome).

The downstairs / living areas of our house are finally starting to come together! This past weekend, I finished painting the living room, den, and dining room. We also made a (relatively) quick trip to the IKEA in Charlotte for some smaller items to feather our nest a bit (and to test-drive some of the furniture): frames, kitchen stuff, rugs, bedding, candles, blankets, and more frames.

We still need to frame and hang a lot of art, and style all the built-in shelves in the den/office, and there are random piles of letterpress sorts, animal skulls, and seashells seemingly everywhere... but now that these rooms are painted, everything is finally starting to gel. We invited people over for dinner this coming weekend as incentive to wrap. it. up. And just in time, our house is starting to feel more like our home.