August 28, 2013


Above: Some of our meals from the past week. Our fun luxury weekend meal: steak oscar (top left, with snow crab and béarnaise sauce, all prepared by Micah). Amazing. A close second: eggplant lasagna (top middle). The cashew ricotta really made it. I would eat it while not on a Whole30, and that's really the highest praise I can give food right now.

Somehow, we've reached the halfway point of our Whole30. Two weeks of structured, clean eating down, and two weeks still to go. I'm starting to feel some of the positive effects of the program: waking up is easier, my skin is clearer, and my clothes are looser. My taste buds are more sensitive too, which makes me even more excited about trying cheese / wine / dessert afterwards, and really tasting them.

I'm still feeling a bit isolated – Durham is a food and drink town, so we're cut off from a lot of what I love about it right now. We've found ways around it, though. We've been pouring cranberry kombucha into wine glasses to have with dinner a few times; it has a bit of what we've dubbed "wine tang." We've gone to Cocoa Cinnamon for an after-dinner coffee date, which was enjoyable (and kind of nostalgic: our first date was at a cupcake / coffee shop, and it's the type of place we rarely think to go...). We've started exploring thrift stores in the area, just so we're going to stores that aren't grocery stores once in a while, and so we can be in a store and not have anything be off-limits. Small victories.

But now I'm buoyed by the fact that we've done this for two weeks, so I know we're capable of doing it for two weeks, which is perfect timing, because hey, we've got two more weeks to go! I think the next week will be about staying on top of our prep, remembering to mix things up once in a while so we don't die of boredom, and starting to think about how we want to reintroduce non-compliant foods back into our diets post-Whole30.

UPDATE: You can read a recap of my entire Whole30 experience here