January 16, 2014


Inspired by a badass new client, I've signed up for a yoga class! I'm a total beginner, so I knew I would need the structure of a class to help build good alignment habits, keep focused, and benefit from the guidance of an experienced instructor. I'm taking a 7-week Intro to Yoga class at Durham Yoga Company, which is housed in a cool, modern, LEED-certified building conveniently located two blocks away from Fullsteam

I took their free preview class two weeks ago, and last night was my second class, but the first "real" class of the series. Since it's January, both classes were packed (with a pleasingly diverse crowd), but everyone was friendly and helpful, and I've come away from both sessions glow-y and stretchy and calm. I like that the instructor introduces some of the meditative and spiritual aspects of yoga, but it's not too woo-woo – you really get out of it whatever you put into it. 

My hope is to get the most basic of foundations from this class, then explore other types of yoga (especially the classes during the day - man, I love working from home)