February 14, 2014


Above: I was driving home from lunch downtown as the snow started. By the time I reached the hill leading up to our house, the first few inches of cocaine-powdery snow had amassed, and my poor, light Civic almost didn't make it. I didn't even try to pull into our driveway. (She still hasn't moved, as of this post.)

This week, Durham got the most snow I've seen since I moved here 4 (!) years ago. It started early Wednesday and didn't stop until Thursday morning. Big fat slow flakes, fast slushy "wintry mix," hail... we got it all, and sometimes all at once. Since I work from home, and Micah is inbetween jobs, our snow days really didn't look any different than any other day – but we did manage to take a long hike around the neighborhood yesterday. I was thankful we had enough food, and could just hang tight and stay warm (reminder for next time: screw bread and milk, stock up on firewood and s'more stuff!).

Our insular little neighborhood was plowed late last night, and the snow is only just now starting to melt today. I'm glad we got to experience this in our new house, and glad we didn't lose any trees – we saw a lot of heavy limbs had snapped under the ice on our street. The dogwood in our front yard had already started to bud!; it must be terribly confused right now.

It makes me excited to see the other seasons from our little house-on-the-hill, spring in particular. The dogwood blossoming early... I've spied some errant azalea bushes in the back... and then everything filling in green and lush... mmm. I'm also curious to see what kind of bulbs will come up from the previous owner, and so ready to prep some raised beds, especially after years of trying to garden in the brick factory that was our duplex yard. It's the kind of thing you can really only dream about on a snow day.