February 21, 2014


Above: Anybody else think those cleaned & trimmed carrots look like the baby mandrakes from Chamber of Secrets?! No? Just me? Whatever.

So, I finally "harvested" my pot of carrots. And by harvested, I mean dumped the pot over onto a bald, snowy patch of yard, and fished out any (adorably stunted) baby carrots that were large enough to eat. It was fun! I probably could've harvested them two months ago (seriously they're about the same size as this one), but the pot had been sitting in my laundry room and simply got forgotten.

This was my first time successfully growing a root vegetable, so I'm super proud. They were orange, and real, and everything! I carefully cleaned them, then sliced them into thin rounds, and dumped them into a chicken noodle soup Micah was making for dinner. And thus ends my gardening year. Just in time, too – we just took inventory of our seeds last night, and Micah has started plotting how to best utilize the two raised beds that came with the house. Spriiiiing!