October 20, 2011


I think it started, in earnest, when Kathleen visited. That woman never fails to light a fire under my ass.

It seems every time I talk to her, she has a new goal, more ambition, a fresh perspective. She's constantly working on bettering herself. Exploring new and hard-to-get-to corners of the world. Expanding her creative empire. Making everyone jealous.
She visited a few weeks ago. I showed off my new home. We ate and drank and caught up. And I was jealous. She had all these dreams she was sharing with me. Vivid, idyllic, sprawling dreams. Only they weren't dreams - they were goals. Concrete plans. She was articulating them so clearly, that I could tell she wasn't just batting them around in her mind - she was running straight towards them. I believe she will make every single one of them happen. And I wanted some of my own.

So I took a mental health day. Opened all the windows in my duplex and let the rain spill in a bit. Drank a lot of tea. And thought good and long about what I want from my life. What I want to have. What I want to do. And who I want to be. Then I wrote it all down like I was already living it. It sounds very new age-y, but it was amazingly invigorating.

I don't have it all worked out. I hope I never will. But I can kind of see the woman I want to become. So I'm going to start running towards her with everything I've got right now. A passion for documenting my life as it unfolds. A knack for elevating the everyday with photography. A life-long love affair with words. And a fire under my ass.

Thanks, Kathleen.