October 31, 2011


I love the prestige surrounding Duke. Very East-Coast elite. I remember finding out that Duke was in Durham - it was the first thing I learned about the area when I was considering moving here, and Duke somehow seemed to legitimize the city. Both of my duplexes have been within a few blocks of East Campus - there's just something about living near a college that's energizing. Though it conversely makes me feel old at the same time. Kids these days!

Duke's basketball program is an institution in its own right. Coach K. The Plumlee brothers. What feels like a million ACC championships. Plus - the Blue Devil is just an inarguably cool mascot (this coming from a life-long Sooner fan).

This weekend, Micah and I had the distinct pleasure of attending a Duke basketball game. "Distinct" because Cameron Indoor Stadium has to be one of hardest college stadiums to get in to. It may have just been an exhibition game, but we were regular-season excited. The air was crisp, the student section was exuberantly obnoxious, and naturally, Duke won. It was perfect.