July 10, 2013


I love windy, stormy days just as much as beach days. The waves reach far up onto the beach and sweep away all the driftwood and crawfish claws, leaving everything smooth and clean. The beach is usually deserted, making walks feel surreal and kind of alien – like you're exploring another planet, and you're seemingly the only person alive. The swimming is so much fun, albiet more dangerous than usual – everyone up here knows someone who has drowned. The air is so cold that the water feels warm for once. And the bay takes on stony yet vibrant green and blue tones that would seem more at home on a squalling ocean.

We usually keep a fire going on windy days, and if you're not planning on swimming, it's a nice excuse to stay in your pajamas all day. It's also a nice break for anyone who might be sunburnt, or sore from skiing / wakeboarding / tubing / jetskiing, or you know, working from the cabin. A breather in between beach days, that makes us appreciate them that much more.