July 22, 2013


Top: Rhubarb-strawberry-blueberry crumble pie with chai coconut ice cream.

Bottom: Greek yogurt with granola and freshly-picked wild blueberries.

I've already crossed several items off my "Month in Michigan" to-do list: pie for breakfast, watch a storm roll in across the bay, root beer barrels at the Downtowner, solo kayaking... all while working from my home-away-from-home. Now Kathleen and Jeremy are visiting for a few days (it's the third time they've been up!), and Micah is coming up at the end of the week, which means it's actually vacation time for me now. So, I'm taking the next two weeks off: from work, from the blog, from wearing anything but pajamas and bikinis.

I'll see you in early August, when I get back to North Carolina. Until then, you can follow me on Instagram to watch as I cross off more of my vacation list (bike around Mackinac Island, hike around Tahquamenon Falls, beers at Soo Brewery, full moon ritual bonfire, skinnydipping, big-wave swimming, kayaking with Micah).