July 8, 2013


From top to bottom: patriotic kayaking. My mother, the decorator. Adrift in Lake Superior. My mother, the officiant. The first s'more of the year. Lighting lanterns after the wedding. All photos from my Instagram feed.

Everyone was up at the cabin this past weekend: the perfect storm of the Fourth of July, a beach wedding (that was styled and officiated by my obviously multi-talented mother), and a dose of good luck.

I got off the plane, dropped my luggage off at the cabin and changed into my suit, ran down the beach to the Honkanens for some intense Beer Olympics (our team was named after a traditional Scandinavian sausage that's cooked in the sauna; we lost valiantly) – and I haven't stopped since. Swimming, kayaking, sauna-ing, drinking, catching up, walking the beach, enjoying bonfires late into the night... all things I plan to continue over the next month, albeit at a much more laidback pace.

Today, most of the friends and family from the last few days have gone home. I'll be working from the cabin for the next two weeks. My mom and I will be alone together for the majority of it – I'm looking forward to breaking in her new KitchenAid pasta attachments with her, and enjoying many a long, wine-fueled conversation in front of bonfires (or at local dive bars).

I'm in my happy place.