September 9, 2013


Above: OUR SOON-TO-BE HOUSE. I love that it's impossible to take a clear shot of the front, because of all the trees. (Photos from the MLS listing.)

We're under contract!

We fell in immediate, obsessive love with the "something different" house I mentioned two weeks ago. We put an offer on it within 24 hours of touring, and after some quick back-and-forth, a contract was drawn up, and earnest money sealed the deal. We got approved for our mortgage, and the inspection happened late last week. We wanted wait to share our news until we got the inspection report – since there was so much invisible damage in the last house we fell for. But this one is shipshape!, so I finally feel confident enough to talk about it publicly (the house equivalent of getting through the first trimester, I would imagine).

It's 1,400 sq. feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. All the living area is downstairs, and the bedrooms are upstairs (stairs! I never thought I would own a house with stairs, for some reason). There are two wood-burning fireplaces, tall windows, beautiful wood floors, an enclosed patio area (with blackberry bushes!), and a fenced-in backyard that backs up to woods.

We drive by the house a few times a week now – just to make sure it's still there, and to revel in the excitement of it all. Twice now, we've parked our car in front (it's empty), and taken evening walks around the neighborhood. We're also in love with the neighborhood: everyone we've crossed paths with has been super-friendly,  it feels tucked-away and woodsy, but it's still close to all of Durham's good stuff.

I'll get more into our plans for the house in the next few weeks (after we close). I just wanted to share the news that's been making me smile secret, crazed smiles recently! I've been daydreaming about homeownership with Micah since January, and it's finally happening.

We're buying a house!; we're making a home.