September 11, 2013


Above: Some of our meals from the last week. My favorite meal was the ribeye steak with roasted prosciutto-wrapped fig salad (top middle): buttery, fatty, sweet-savory luxury. My favorite new food was quail (bottom right)! And my favorite failure was the sweet potato salmon cakes (center): they tasted like neither sweet potato nor salmon, and badly needed some tartar sauce that we didn't have.

Two and a half more days to go! The anticipation of my birthday dinner (and cheese and bread in general) have made these last few days a little harder than usual. It's only difficult when I'm hungry, though – that's when my brain makes this program seem less convenient and manageable than it really is. I've tried to compensate for that by preparing meals that are a little more interesting or luxurious than usual - like the ribeye or quail.

Micah and I are going grocery shopping in the next day or so, and will be restocking some non-compliant food items. I'm almost embarrassed by how excited we are about this. Our 30 days ends at midnight on Friday, and we've even discussed having a glass of wine if we're up then – but I think we might wait until my birthday dinner. We've made reservations at Mateo, a tapas-with-a-Southern-twist place downtown. We chose it because we don't go there often, so it's kind of special, and small plates of food will allow us to try more things and not stuff ourselves as easily. (Kisses to Kathleen for reminding me of how much I love that place – queso frito y huevo, Dios mío!)

I'll have another post next week that wraps up my thoughts on our experience, and advice for those who are considering doing their Whole30. Until then – have another glass of wine, another bite of stanky cheese, another hunk of crusty bread for me.

UPDATE: You can read a recap of my entire Whole30 experience here.