September 25, 2013


Last autumn, I tried my hand at growing kale and broccoli. The broccoli succumbed to pests almost immediately, but the kale produced solidly for seven months. This year, I'm rolling the "fall garden" dice once again. I'm keeping it super-simple though, because we're moving in a few weeks, and apparently my odds of success are 50%.

I filled one huge pot with bronzey-pink chrysanthemums, and another with "Imperator 58" carrot seeds (from this highly-recommended, non-GMO seed collection). It should also be noted that I have never successfully grown root vegetables, but I'm hoping I can blame that on our rental's soil. The carrots have already made it further than the broccoli, so I'm hopeful.


Mental note: I just realized this is the first time since before I went to Michigan that I've used my "real" camera instead of my iPhone. I can tell the difference in quality; I need to stop succumbing to the iPhone's convenience so much.