December 17, 2013


Above: scenes from Christmas 2011. My favorite posts from that trip are here, here, and here.

Soon after creating The Christmas Box for us, my parents gave Micah and I an equally generous gift: they offered to fly us up to Michigan for Christmas, so my entire family could be together at the cabin. It was, of course, an offer we couldn't refuse. I can't wait to see northern Michigan in the winter again! It's been snowing up there almost every day for the last week or two. I want to go snowmobiling, enjoy lots of sauna time (and maybe jump in the snow after?), catch up with my brothers, drink whatever seasonal goodness Soo Brewing has on tap, and chill out in front of crackling fires as much as possible.

We'll be flying up this weekend, and capturing everything on Instagram (his / hers), if you'd like to follow along. Next week, I'll be sharing even more of our adventure here; I'm expecting it to be light on words, but heavy on snowy landscapes, Christmas cheer, and drinky escapades. Cheers (and thanks again, Mom and Dad - first round at the Downtowner is on me)!