December 12, 2013


Above: can we take a moment to admire my furry new snow boots, which I just got (on sale, natch) for an upcoming adventure? They're so cozy, I've even been wearing them around the house a bit.

Back in September, I planted a pot of "Imperator 58" carrots to sate my desire for a fall garden amidst the uncertainty of buying a house and moving. I wasn't sure how they would do in a pot, and I wasn't sure what kind of sunlight our new property got - so I stuck the pot out in the middle of our backyard, and kinda forgot about it...

Well. I checked on them the other day, and couldn't resist the urge to pull out a baby. They seem to be... carrots! There's just something about gardening that simultaneously makes you feel magical for having grown something you previously only paid for in grocery stores – and completely inconsequential, because nature clearly runs the show, and will continue to actually grow things even when you neglect them for two months.