December 9, 2013


Above: the beautiful bar at Bida Manda. The beautiful, creepy, empty pool at our hotel. My beautiful boyfriend. The beautiful chapel we totally desecrated with '90s dance music and tone-deaf renditions of "Don't Stop Believin'."

On Saturday, Micah and I went to a wedding reception at All Saints Chapel in downtown Raleigh. We decided to make a night of it: we got a last-minute hotel room (complete with creepy under-construction pool), had dinner at the highly-recommended Bida Manda, and then drinks somewhere in that area (you find the best places when you're lost, or hobbling around in 30-degree weather in heels on cobblestone). I was just happy that I got to dress up,  see all my Finns at the reception, and dance barefoot (really, I'm just not made for heels).