March 5, 2014


Above: the top three photos are from Oddfellows, the bottom three are from Screen Door.

We hit up a few antique malls/stores in Asheville last weekend: Oddfellows, Antique Tobacco Barn, and Screen Door. My favorites were Oddfellows and Screen Door; they seemed more carefully curated, and had more of a mid-century focus. Micah liked Antique Tobacco Barn for the exact opposite reasons: it's literally a huge, sprawling warehouse full of barely organized old stuff. We had fun wandering around all three though - it was also a great way to talk about our tastes, and compare notes on how we see our home being furnished and decorated in the near / moderate future.

I fell in love with a few oversized educational posters, and a pointy-legged chair or two. Micah found some fun emergency water cans (I'm getting serious Dharma Initiative vibes from those), and we ended up buying this little reference book. I love the idea of buying non-tourist-y souvenirs from our trips, like books, or natural specimens, or records, or art. I guess we just started our collection!