March 10, 2014


Kind of like the aleppo linguine on Valentine's Day, this was my attempt at making a holiday meal more special with really simple ingredients. Micah had pre-made some amazing meatballs the day before, and I thought a boozy twist on spaghetti and meatballs would be a perfect way to celebrate Mardi Gras. So I consulted my favorite book on pasta-making, and took a stab at red wine pasta.

This may be the first pasta dough I've made without semolina, and I could really tell the difference. The dough had a really velvety, soft texture, but stretched out under it's own weight really easily (too easily!), which prevented me from rolling it as thin as I would've liked. I decided against spaghetti for the same reason, so we ended up having fettuccine and meatballs. My favorite part of the process was watching the color develop. The wine deepened each time the dough rested, going from blueberry to mauve to terracotta to red dirt in a few hours. It was beautiful, and looked masculine and grown-up and sexy with the hearty meatballs and red sauce. I'll definitely make it again.