April 14, 2014


Above: scenes from the last week-and-a-half of bathroom renovation. I finally got that bedroom toilet I've always wanted, and I forgot to get safety goggles, so I just wore my largest sunglasses instead. Demolition has never looked so fabulous!

So, the bathroom. It was the one thing I hated about the house when we bought it; but I was also glad for the chance to update something (and to hands-on learn how to do all that entails). I hope I never meet the person who thought a bulky built-in sink vanity and chunky faux-terracotta tiles (on every. single. surface) would be a good idea in a small master bath. I was laughing manically through most of the demolition. Like most home renovation projects, though, it became larger as we went along. Initially we were only going to install a pedestal sink (more on that later), but as we removed the old one, we realized we'd also need to repair/install some backer board over the subfloor where the sink was going (and in the walls around it)... and if we were going to do all that, we might as well tile the floor so we wouldn't need to reinstall the sink down the road. We did, however, leave the tile in the shower; that was simply too much to tackle at the moment. Baby steps!

We did all the heavy installation and initial tiling while my parents were still here. And this past weekend, I grouted, and Micah installed baseboards and quarter-round. Next steps are patching up any visible holes/craters from the original demo, then caulking the baseboards, and priming everything so it's ready to paint.