November 1, 2011


Surely, everyone grew up with No-Bake Cookies, right?

My mom used to throw them together for us when we were too impatient to wait for "real" cookies to bake. Over time, we became too impatient to even wait for them to cool - and she started serving the warm puddles of "dough" in coffee cups. To this day, I have a hard time making them any other way.

They remind me of childhood, obviously, but also winter - or any weather that requires a dessert that will stick to your bones and aid in proper hibernation.

The piece of paper I have the recipe written on is an old typography assignment from college. I remember calling my mom randomly for it, suddenly needing some as another schizophrenic Oklahoma winter set in. I had good intentions to transcribe it to something more befitting, but 6-ish years later, I still have that paper, now splattered and discolored from pulling double-duty as a spoon holder. As much as I like to get rid of things, I can't seem to throw it away. Or transcribe it elsewhere. Or stop making No-Bake Cuppies.