January 5, 2012


Top photo: the Savoy, aka, the Meat Market, or, the Best Place to Meet Underage Canadians.

Bottom two photos: the Downtowner, aka, the Best Place to Accidentally Run Into Your Also-Drunk Parents.

Yes, Michigan in winter was peaceful and relaxing. And the dream cabin was beautiful. But my favorite part of the whole trip, by far, was having Micah meet all of my people.

You know. The people who have known me since I was in diapers. Who have seen me through all my awkward phases, previous relationships, every high and low of my life so far. Not quite family, but so much more than friends. My people.

And these ones are pretty awesome, as far as people go. All blonde, all Finnish, all related. All capable, intelligent women, who know way, way too much about me. All with parents who have been hanging out with my parents since... forever. And I wouldn't have it any other way.