January 9, 2012


I originally made this (adding more peanut butter than called for - highly recommended) back in September, for Micah's birthday, as part of a self-serving and ongoing effort to force him to like dessert more. But then it pretty much instantly tied this for my favorite homemade ice cream recipe. Of all time. And I've made it twice since then. And when I'm not making it, I'm thinking about making it, or eating it, or marrying it.

I love them each for separate reasons. Like children, they're each so different, and it's impossible to choose one over the other, even if one does look a bit more like you. (Hmm... I guess that would be the peanut butter, in this case?)

As I've said before, the chocolate ice cream is all about foreplay, the power of process, the potency of YOU CAN'T EAT IT FOR FIVE DAYS. It's so rich, so endlessly dark and elegant, like a strong Americano, or a rare steak, or - something that's not quite as disgusting to compare to ice cream...

The peanut butter, though - why isn't there more peanut butter ice cream available commercially? I feel like I almost never see it in stores. Which makes no sense, because peanut butter is the perfect flavor for ice cream, if you think about it. It's all earthy and warm, and now it's riding in a cold, creamy vehicle, taking the scenic route, to your mouth?

I don't know how that became a roadtrip metaphor. But you get it. And now we must all go and do the one thing we've been thinking about since starting this post:

Making both of them at the same time. (Swirl?)