January 16, 2012


I've been contemplating purging my library since November, and I was on a roll after going through my clothes last weekend, so I went for it.

I love to read. And I've read most of these books (there's more in the bag on the left) may times. Some of them (not pictured) I absolutely treasure, and know I'll read many more times. Some of them have sentimental value because they're gifts from loved ones. But some of them were just straight-up collecting dust. And as unfortunate as it sounds/looks to hear myself say/type, books as a platform for information-holding are antiquated and unwieldy (read: a bitch to move). So even though Old Book Smell and Dog-Eared Pages are two of the most awesome things ever (also excellent band names), I knew I had to be ruthless.

I ended up getting rid of 49 books. I'm going to take them by The Regulator bookstore on 9th Street first, to see if I can make money off of anything, then add the rest to my VVA donation.

(Actually, that's not entirely true. Some of those big art books on the bottom of the pile on the right will probably go to my office to make me look more creative, or be the base of some all-white tableaux. You know. Art director shit.)