October 10, 2012


From top to bottom: Super-intricate building somewhere in Manhattan. Bleeker Street Records in Greenwich Village. The El Dorado, as seen from Central Park. The Empire State Building, as seen from Bryant Park. St. Patrick's Cathedral, under construction. Radio City Music Hall. Fancy building on the edge of Central Park. All photos were taken with my iPhone, and the square ones are from my Instagram account.

Manhattan's sheer verticality had the biggest impact on me. Seriously - my neck was as sore as my feet, and that's saying a lot. You could easily tell the tourists from the residents by who was looking up, and who was looking down. There is just so much to absorb, visually - and you'll miss half of it no matter where you look.

I loved how seamlessly the old, intricate buildings co-habitated with the sleek, new skyscrapers. A great study in texture and scale and density. I love how small the people look in all of my photos, and how their seemingly tidal movements contrast the buildings' immense solidity. And yet the whole city vibrates. Far above you, and far below you.