October 15, 2012


Above: Sunday's breakfast. Fried egg with Parmesan crust (Micah based this on my favorite dish at Mateo - a duck egg fried on manchego and slathered with romesco sauce), caramelized onions and bell pepper (from the garden!), breakfast sausage, arugula, farmer's cheese, all sopped up with slices of pan de campagne from Loaf.

This weekend, Micah's friend James paid him a surprise visit as a belated birthday present. He's been here a few times now, so it was nice to not have to play tour guide, and instead focus on a few local favorites and chill.

This week I'm rearranging the living room to finally accomodate that sweet desk I found curbside a few months back, making something out of the huge butternut squash I bought on a whim recently, repotting some sunny yellow mums, and taking my first yoga class ever.