October 22, 2012


Above: Sunday's breakfast. Parmesan biscuit with creamed turnip greens (from the garden) and goat cheese, and topped with a poached egg, onion-pepper jam, tomato (from the garden), and wild chives (from... somewhere in the yard).

This weekend was... not what I expected. It's the first weekend in over a month that Micah and I haven't been travelling or entertaining guests, so we were looking forward to spending most of it being deservedly lazy on a living room floor palette, or something. But on Friday, a pipe burst somewhere in the bowels of our duplex, so we spent most of the weekend side-stepping plumbers and not having running water. We tried to escape - going to the Farmer's Market earlier than usual, a leisurely Saturday brunch at Dain's, an evening walk to our favorite dive bar - but were too tired (and dirty-feeling - I've found you don't really need a lot of running water... until you can't have it) to embrace the challenge. By Sunday afternoon, we ended up on a living room floor palette, being deservedly lazy as plumbers side-stepped us.

But I can't complain - because next weekend will be different. Like I said, this Friday is my last day at my current job, and I've given myself until the end of the month as... vacation, I guess? Or - the best unemployment ever. And yeah, that's only three business days - but I'm still super excited. I have no plans - I just want to take a small break, and rest, and sleep in, and clean my house - and give this transition the proper time it deserves.