October 8, 2012


Top: Saturday and Sunday's breakfast. Everything bagel with plain cream cheese. This one was from Ess-a-Bagel in midtown Manhattan, the other one was from some bodega near MoMA.

Bottom: Crossing the street in front of Grand Central Station.

This weekend our good friends Natalie and Travis surprised us with a whirlwind overnight trip to New York City! A few months ago, they told us to block off this Saturday and half of Sunday for a mystery adventure. They told us what to pack and that they would take care of everything else. To be honest, I thought we would just be taking a trip to the beach or something (which would have also been awesome, as Micah has still never been), but then we pulled into the airport (before sunrise) and they revealed that we'd be taking an introductory food tour of Manhattan! I've never been so surprised in my life. Neither Micah nor I have ever been to New York City, so everything was new to us. Natalie and Travis were the perfect tour guides - excited, knowledgeable, and prepared (and they're fellow frugal foodies).

More on the trip this week: where we went, what we ate, and what I consider souvenirs.