February 20, 2013


I just wanted to share the valentine I got for my mom (now that I've actually given it to her).

I'd seen these Everlasting Paper Flowers on a design blog and loved everything about them: how the crinkles of the paper made the petals and leaves more realistic, how each one was formed around a real twig, and even just how romantic the idea of sending someone a handcrafted everlasting flower was.

I chose the Madame Butterfly Peony in red for my mom - we both love peonies, and I knew she'd appreciate the most vivid, saturated color available. Helen was lovely to work with - the package arrived quickly (from England!), and thoughtfully wrapped. She even addressed the box and wrote me a note in her beautiful calligraphy-esque handwriting.

(I think these would also make excellent Mother's Day gifts. Just sayin'.)