February 25, 2013


Top two: Saturday's breakfast. Eggs Benedict (I helped whisk the Hollandaise!) with ham hock and caramelized onion, hash browns, and what Micah called "vanilla-drowned" apples, when he accidentally poured "too much" vanilla seed in sauteed apples.

Bottom two: Sunday's breakfast. Biscuits two ways: with homemade habanero honey, and with ham gravy. Side of scrambled egg and coconut strawberries. I went back for seconds of that gravy.

This weekend was relaxing and blissfully domestic. It was also, not coincidentally, the first one I've spent at home in like a month. We bought a Roku and switched from Netflix DVDs to streaming, and also got Hulu Plus - so now I get all my favorite parts about television without all my least favorite parts about television. It was also nice and sunny for the first time in days, so we took a leisurely stroll around downtown to soak up some vitamin D, then grilled pork chops in the backyard for dinner.