February 19, 2013


Top: Downtown graffiti and barbed wire.

Middle left: Craft beer on tap at Great Lakes Coffee. I tried Bell's Hosplam for the first time - I'm happy it was in Michigan!

Middle Right: RJD2 concert at the Majestic Theatre. The guy in front of me was wearing a baboon mask all night long. I got a little obsessed with the back of his head. 

I just got back from a long-weekend trip to Detroit to visit friends and family. I got everything I wanted: snow, drinks, a guided tour of downtown Detroit (which reminds me very much of Durham on a larger scale: equal parts grit and growth, slowly crawling back from a harrowing history, reinventing itself daily), more drinks, and lots of chill hang-out time. It was a good balance of friend time, family time, and time-away from my usual routines and surroundings. I also got just enough of a Michigan fix to last me until I summer up North for a whole month. (It's recently official! July 3rd - August 3rd!) 

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