June 26, 2013


Top to bottom: Climbing grape tomato. Cluster close-up. Some of my potted herbs. "Round Midnight" purple basil. Thai basil.

My garden grows. The grape tomato plant is now officially a monster - about seven feet tall. You can see on the right side of the top photo that I've had to start tying it gently to the porch column for support. I can't even reach some of the ripening clusters right now, and it shows no signs of stopping.

This week I've been making plans for all my plants while I'm in Michigan. It's the one downside to my trip so far, as July is usually one of the most productive months. My more mature basil plants (genovese and "Round Midnight" purple) have begun to flower, so tomorrow I'm harvesting the main pot of them and turning them into blueberry basil popsicles and pesto. The slightly younger pot with lemon basil, Thai basil, parsley, and sweet basil will hopefully be adopted by one of Micah's colleagues (who will also enjoy any tomatoes that ripen while I'm gone, as Micah isn't a fan of them raw). I'm moving all the remaining pots (sage, spearmint, one tiny sweet basil, lavender, rosemary) to the front porch, and giving Micah instructions on watering them.

His beans are coming in, and we've already harvested multiple rounds of his banana peppers, which are yielding way more than either of us thought they would. Second generation morning glories have also been popping up (and climbing around) in all of his plots – a welcome surprise.