June 3, 2013


Above: Sunday's breakfast. Nectarine galette and stuffed sweet peppers.

I love that we basically had an appetizer and dessert for breakfast. Micah conjured up these stuffed sweet peppers from odds and ends in the fridge (stray cheeses / mushrooms / bacon), and I revisited this cornmeal pate brisee. It's become my default Impressive Yet Easy Crust.

As of today, I have exactly one month until I go to Michigan... for a month. The planner in me wants to start a celebratory packing list now. The haven't-taken-a-day-off-since-February-person in me wants to just start walking there, now. But even my inner voices know I need to wait a little longer: for the lake to warm up slightly, and the wild blueberries to ripen, and my people to get there as well. It'll be worth it.

(I still might start that packing list though. Mmm... lists.)