June 24, 2013


Top: Friday and Sunday's breakfast. Yeah - twice in three days. Everything bagel with cream cheese and the donut du jour (this one was vanilla chai) at Monuts Donuts. Obsessed.

Bottom: Saturday's dinner. Salmon with lemon and dill smoked on a cedar plank.

Micah took Friday off, so I got to enjoy a lovely weekday breakfast with him. Saturday, we went to Duke Gardens with a blanket and ice-cold drinks and planned the rest of the day. We bought and experimented with some fresh halibut and salmon. We took a Sunday drive and explored Durham's peripheral neighborhoods. We watched too many episodes of The Dog Whisperer and bought the summer's first variety pack.

This week, I'm trying to stay calm and present, because next week I leave for Michigan. I'm trying not to check my online countdown too often, and trying not to pack until a few days out. Apparently I get this way every time.