October 16, 2013


So!, here's a first look at the house we just bought. I'm using the MLS listing photos, mostly because I'm being lazy, but also slightly because I've grown rather fond of them over the last two months. They're how I fell in love with the property in the first place, and all I had to look at between the initial tour and the inspection. Plus, all the hilarious styling and props are going to make any "after" photos I post look that much better. 

Our initial, immediate plans for "home improvement" include paint (mostly white, with touches of grey and black), and clearing out the overgrowth in the yard. Longer-term plans include a big run to IKEA, changing most of the hardware and fixtures, tiling the kitchen backsplashes, maybe painting the kitchen cabinets?, and changing everything but the placement of the toilet and shower in the full bathroom (it's the one with reddisch terracotta-looking tiles).

Let the wild rumpus start!