October 21, 2013


Yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of this blog!

It all started with a visit from Kathleen, a rainy day off, and a brewing desire for more. And it's strange and satisfying to look back at how far I've come since then – but not so strange to think that keeping a blog had something to do with it. It's been a visual diary for me, obviously. I've loved cataloging each season's gardens, my ever-changing interiors (and wardrobe), and the food I prepared (which organically grew into the Weekend Breakfast series). But more than that, it's kept me accountable to my own story. There are only so many times you can idly talk about all your house / work / life dreamings, before those dreamings internalize and start becoming decisions, and those decisions start becoming actions. In retrospect, I see that most clearly when I wrote about quitting my job; in fact, it's the one line that readers (online and in real life) have consistently said held a particularly inescapable of truth to it:

"I wasn't necessarily unhappy, per se, but I knew I could be happier. And once I knew I could be happier, it was impossible to not start dreaming, and scheming, and reaching." (Yep, I'm quoting myself now!)

(Ooh, I also love all the parallels between that post and the first one: the ceremonial beverage, the rain, the push from Kathleen...)

I'm celebrating the same way I started out: with plenty of hot Irish Breakfast tea, open windows, and more dreamings. I can't wait to see what brews over the next two years; rest assured, you'll hear about it here first.