October 7, 2013


Above, top right: a rare glimpse of an un-busy Monuts. If you don't get there before 8:30am, prepare to wait in an out-the-door line. But it's so worth it.

I love falling into a good routine. Seemingly without our knowledge, we've been breakfasting at Monuts Donuts or Parker and Otis, hitting the Farmers Market, and then Rose's, every Saturday as of late.

We used to hit our neighborhood Kroger after the Market to supplement our haul, but the Whole30 (and it's ingeniously simple yet mind-numbing protein + vegetable + fat meal equation) changed that. I'm glad. We've both developed doe-eyed crushes on Rose's stock, staff, and mere existence since we first started visiting. I think we're just jealous that we didn't open the exact same store before they did. Meats and sweets?! I get all dreamy if I think about it too long: I can see Micah in the walk-in fridge with a clipboard, taking stock of lamb racks and whole chickens, while I make trays of marshmallows and experiment with ice cream flavors. Sigh.

Anyway! Also because of the Whole30, this last visit was the first time I purchased something from the bakery, a fact which blows my mind. I got a chocolate pot de creme, and two creme puffs (to enjoy with Micah after a dinner featuring their pork chops), all of which were rich and dense and yet somehow lifted my dessert-soul up into the dessert-heavens. Micah has started semi-joking about becoming a butcher just so he can work there, and each time I have responded "DO IT" in a dead serious, overtly-aggressive, slightly-demonic tone. Another routine, another weekend.