October 9, 2013


Above: they finally put up a sold sign! Although all I can see is unruly landscaping, and a hideous, jankity old mailbox – both of which I love, because now they're our unruly landscaping and jankity old mailbox.

Tomorrow morning, we close on our house. It's finally, actually happening. I don't think I'll believe that it's really a done deal until we unlock the door for the first time, without a realtor or inspector in sight. (Or, who knows. It might take weeks.) We've both taken the day off to sign our names a million times, get the keys, head over to the house, celebrate, and start planning. We'll be moving all weekend long, and any leftover time will probably be spent at Lowe's or Home Depot (adulthood!). I can't wait to show some "before" pictures, as well as our plans for what the "afters" will look like.

Until then, you can follow me and Micah on Instagram to watch all the dreamings unfold in real time. I'm off to the final walk-through in a couple hours...