December 1, 2011


It makes sense: I love food, photography, process. Stir them together, bake at 350º for twenty minutes, and what do you get?

Time-Lapse Foodtography.

I've been creating these images for quite a while now, but not as often as I'd like (you would not believe how hard it is stop eating something delicious mid-meal just to take stupid photos of it). So now I'm going to try to feature them regularly here, in hopes of making a habit of it.

Ever since the temperature dive-bombed around here, I've had soup on the brain. Chunky, hearty soups. Spicy soups. Cheesy soups. There's nothing like it to warm your innards and lull you into hibernation mode. This broccoli-cheddar soup (loosely based on this recipe) was easy, quick, and sufficiently innard-warming. I've been eating on it all week. And once, just once, I was able to stop mid-slurp to take a picture.