November 4, 2011


This weekend is pretty full, as far as mine usually go.

Tonight, we're toasting the recent arrival of our good friends Natalie and Travis to the Durty D (they actually introduced Micah and I a few years back!... but that's another happy hour, and post, entirely...). Tomorrow night, I have a long-overdue ladydate with Lauren - I'm hoping to eat way too much sushi and hear all about her new job at Yep Roc Records.

Exciting evening social calendar aside,  I don't have any plans. Which is exactly how I like it. We don't have internet service at our duplex right now, and I secretly appreciate being unplugged for a full 48 hours. I want to sleep in. Drink coffee. Drink tea. Make food. Eat food. Take pictures. Make a palette on the living room floor and watch movies for hours. All without feeling the constant, knee-jerk need to check Twitter/the weather/the stats on this blog.

However - if I'm feeling ambitious, I might revisit my never-ending quest to edit down my belongings to only the most essential and fabulous. Ever since Micah casually mentioned that he never uses toasters, I realized I never use toasters, and yet I've been lugging one around for years. I love realizations like that. A toaster might seem like one of those appliances that a kitchen just "has to have," but... it's simply not true for us right now. Which makes me want to reevaluate everything else in my house, all over again. The Never-Ending Edit.

Watch out, Fancy Shoes I Never Wear, Redundant Sweaters, and Books I'm Not Likely To Read Again. I'm starting with you.