November 21, 2012


Above: Before, and after. I used a #3 (3/8") clipper all over. Taken with Photobooth. See past haircuts here and here. See a similar stinkface here.

So, I shaved my head again. Kind of on a whim, but kind of because I was tired of dealing with it, and thinking about what to do with it (should I grow it out? - in a big afro-pouf, or in an undercut swoop?, etc., etc., every month), and paying for monthly haircuts when I could be paying for monthly massages. I love my hair - it's thick and corkscrew-curly and looks better the dirtier it gets. Sometimes I feel like I should grow it out because it would look so awesome. But I love keeping it like this. Little maintenance, big impact. It suits my style and the amount of energy I'm willing to put into it. Also, I could argue it's just another piece of the Never-Ending Edit puzzle - but only a small, (hopefully) non-pretentious piece.