November 26, 2012


Above: Thanksgiving edition! Turkey and green bean casserole leftovers with fried stuffing hash and a poached egg. Side of yogurt, granola, and cranberry sauce. And those buttery freezer rolls that I love but always forget about until Thanksgiving... rolls around again.

This weekend, I recovered and lazed from Thanksgiving vacation. I decided to decorate the house for the holidays this year. It's always a Decision - I've travelled for Christmas for the last (almost) 10 years, so it's always the question of: is it worth it, if I'm gone for the actual day, or the whole actual week? Is it worth storing the Stuff for the rest of the year? This year I've decided it is - probably swayed by the fact that my home is also now my office, so I'll get to enjoy the decorations for drastically more time. I'm thinking of just stringing up some tiny lights inside, and creating some bouquets out of the holly / spruce / miscellaneous evergreen plants in the backyard. More "winter" than "Christmas." ...But maybe a small fake tree if Micah's gung-ho about it.